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Here's What We're Doing in Response to Covid-19

OfficeSource is open for business and ready to support you as you strive to meet your business goals during this season of uncertainty. 

We continue to actively monitor projects, inventory levels and supply chains to help our customers prepareas they return to work. 

But even as we keep an eye on the future,  we’re committed to making a difference today.

To ensure the safety of our employees 

we have implemented new safety checks

at our warehouses to limit exposure.

Employees that are able to work from 

home are working from home.

We have made it a priority to

speak with dealers to hear their

needs. All products being brought

into inventory are based on what is 

needed as offices upgrade their

spaces to better support social 

distancing and the transition back 

from work from home.

All products source are high-quality

and can be used in multiple applications,

including retro-fitting onto preowned

furniture. Many products are in-stock and

ready to ship to offices immediately.

Creating a Safe Space in the Office

`We have created brochures geared specifically towards

the needs of post Covid-19 office design that will protect

employees and promote social distancing in the workspace.

Click on the catalogs for more details.

In-Stock & Ready to Ship!

Creating a WFH Space

Depending on the size of your home and the decor your needs

may vary widely. You may want an option that allows you to

duplicate the size, space and productivity that you have at office.  

In other cases you may be trying to keep your home a place where

you are away from work and a desk and want something that

doesn’t take up a lot of real estate in your home.  Either way you

are going to want something that matches the décor when

you transition from a living space to your office space.

If you have any questions regarding your new purchase, please email We will respond to your queries as quickly as possible.