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OS Panels

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If you are looking for panel systems, then these room dividers from OfficeSource are perfect for you. This is a complete package for panel systems, and it includes both the items from PANELSYSTEM1 and a set of desks and storage items to take all the guesswork out of creating a partitioned office. This package includes upholstered panels, opaque view through panels, a 2 drawer personal cabinet, an open bookcase, an open hutch, a desk top, a unite leg, a wardrobe storage unit, and much more. The panels are made of durable and strong materials, and have a contemporary trim that adds eye-catching details to the workstation. These pewter colored panels with a charcoal frame will definitely prove to be the ultimate solution for the reconfiguration of your workstations.


1OfficeSource Variant Collection 2 Drawer Personal CabinetPL1012
1OfficeSource StandUp Standing Desk Collection Open Shelf Cabinet (Top Not Included)PL2013
1File or Storage TopPL110
1OfficeSource OS Laminate Collection Open HutchPL1044OH
1OfficeSource OS Laminate Collection Optional Laminate DoorsPL44LD
1OfficeSource Variant Collection Hutch Support Pair 1PLTLPHS20
2Rectangular Top - 72"W x 24"D (Requires Base)PLT2472
1OfficeSource Variant Collection Desk RiserPLTDR2430
3OfficeSource Variant Collection Unite Leg Base - 24"PLTULEG24A2
2OfficeSource Variant Collection Adjustable Beam 1PLTADJMDB4872
3OfficeSource Variant Collection Connector Beam Bracket 1PLTCBBSINGLE
1OfficeSource Storage & Wardrobe Cabinets Wardrobe UnitPL207
3OfficeSource OS Panels 24''W Upholstered PanelSP6624
1OfficeSource OS Panels 72"W Upholstered PanelSP6672
4OfficeSource OS Panels 36"W Opaque View-Through PanelsSPG6636
3OfficeSource OS Panels 2 Way Corner Connector 66"SP266
2OfficeSource OS Panels End Cap 66"SPCAP66
Limited Lifetime
- Environmental Friendly


Carton Length: 137.72''
Carton Depth: 124.32''
Carton Height: 124.12''
Carton Weight (Lbs): 1
Product Weight (Lbs): 1076.47