OS Panels Panel System 6 - Panels Only

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OS Panels

The panel system will ensure that you are able to transform your work space into a functional office space that allows for privacy, while also ensuring a cohesive and collaborative work environment. The panels can be assembled swiftly, and in almost no time at all provide a productive workspace that will keep your business moving in the right direction. The upholstered panels are made using durable fabrics that can withstand the daily use they'll get, but that also offer a bit of sound insulation in your office space. Be sure to consider the complete package, with desks and other office furniture essentials to round out your office.


2OfficeSource OS Panels 48"W Upholstered PanelSP6648
2OfficeSource OS Panels 36''W Upholstered PanelSP6636
12OfficeSource OS Panels 36"W Upholstered PanelSP4236
2OfficeSource OS Panels 36"W Opaque View-Through PanelsSPG6636
2OfficeSource OS Panels 3 Way T-Connector 66"SP366
1OfficeSource OS Panels 4 Way + Connector 66"SP466
6OfficeSource OS Panels End Cap 42"SPCAP42
Limited Lifetime


Carton Length: 12.72''
Carton Depth: 148.23''
Carton Height: 167.24''
Carton Weight (Lbs): 478.13
Product Weight (Lbs): 461.39