OS Panels Panel System 7 - Panels Only

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OS Panels

This panel system will allow you to instantly transform your office into one that allows every member of the team you have a work space of his or her own. The panels can help to encourage a collaborative work environment, while still affording every member of the team a private place in which to get work done. The panels are designed to stand up to the daily use they will get in the office, while still offering you many good years of use. They are sturdy and offer a moderate amount of insulation for a busy office.


4OfficeSource OS Panels 24"W Upholstered PanelSP4224
5OfficeSource OS Panels 36"W Upholstered PanelSP4236
2OfficeSource OS Panels 3 Way T-Connector 42"SP342
4OfficeSource OS Panels End Cap 42"SPCAP42
Limited Lifetime


Carton Length: 12.72''
Carton Depth: 124.33''
Carton Height: 142.05''
Carton Weight (Lbs): 188.46
Product Weight (Lbs): 166.95